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Kaumalapau Harbor

Jagged high cliffs, wide bluffs, crystal clear waters and miles of pristine coastline – these are the features of Kaumalapau Harbor on Lanai. This harbor is Lanai’s principal commercial seaport. It used to be a busy port during the island’s pineapple-growing period, when pineapple was exported. Today, Kaumalapau is a rather quiet harbor. It is surrounded by dramatic sea cliffs, which rise to heights of 1000 feet (305 m), making it an impressive sunset-viewing location.

The harbor is often wrongly labeled as a beach, but the commercial nature of the area makes most water activities unsafe. It is, however, an excellent place for recreational fishing. Here you can fish from a boat dock or sit on one of the rock walls.

Also worth checking out are the Kaumalapau tidepools to the right of the harbor. Low sea cliffs surround the area and create a nice natural shield. If you’re the adventurous type, take a walk over and see some rare species of small fish and other marine creatures. Be sure to bring a pair of reef shoes, and wash off the sunblock if you have any because the chemicals can damage the ecosystem within the little pools.

Kaumalapau Harbor is approximately 7.5 miles (12 km) west of Lanai City. Access to the harbor is limited on Thursdays due to freight activity and security matters.

Kaumalapau Harbor Overview

  • Lanai’s principal commercial seaport, located on the west shore
  • Popular fishing and sunset viewing location

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