Limahuli Garden

Limahuli Garden, Kauai

Located in Haena on the north shore of Kauai, the Limahuli Garden is set in a lush tropical valley, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Makana Mountain. It extends for over 1,000 acres (4 km²) of tropical rainforest and covers three distinct ecological zones. Seventeen acres are available to the public. The remaining acres are a protected nature preserve. A 3/4 mile (1.2 km) long loop trail leads through the garden. It has some steep areas.

Guided or self-guided tours examine the lava rock terraces built by ancient Hawaiians to cultivate taro, an important food crop originally introduced by the Polynesians. The Limahuli Garden is dedicated to the preservation of native Hawaiian culture and plants. It is also the location of ongoing research and educational programs.

Taro and other plants make up the garden's collection. There is a plantation-era garden and examples of invasive species of plants introduced by modern man. The Limahuli Garden was chosen by the American Horticultural Society as the best natural botanical garden in the United States.

Limahuli Garden Overview

  • Located on Kauai's north shore, this is a 1,000-acre (4 km²) nature preserve, of which 17 acres are available to the public
  • Was rated by the American Horticultural Society as the best natural botanical garden in the U.S.

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Reviews and Comments:
Closed until further notice due to historic flood damage. Called the garden and was told they have no timetable for reopening due to all of the damage to the garden itself as well as the roads.
Kathy, Sat May 05, 2018