Moloa'a Bay

Moloa'a Bay, Kauai

Moloa'a Bay (see more photos) is one of the lesser-known beaches on Kauai, located on the island's northeastern shore. It is a pretty beach, framed by hilly dunes and green vegetation. When the ocean is calm, swimming is possible and best on the right (southeast) side of the bay.

The currents in this area can be strong and since there is a lot of coral reef on the ocean bottom of the bay, it is best to enter the water with reef shoes. From the bay, a hiking trail leads along the coast toward nearby Larsen's Beach further north.

Parking is very limited at Moloa'a Bay, especially on weekends. You may have to park a little further away from the beach and walk the rest to it.

Moloa'a Bay Overview

  • Pretty bay on Kauai's northeastern shore
  • Enter the ocean only during calm seas due to strong currents in this area
  • Some scenes of the pilot episode of the TV show Gilligan's Island were filmed here

Vacation Rentals near Moloa'a Bay

End of Moloa'a Road, Kilauea HI 96754
Directions: From the main highway (Hwy 56), turn onto Ko'olau Road (between mile marker 16 and 17). Then turn onto Moloa'a Road. The public access trail is near the end of Moloa'a Road. There are only a few parking stalls here. So if they are all taken, you may have to park a bit further away.

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