Aliomanu Beach

Aliomanu Beach, Kauai

Composed of two sections of beach, Aliomanu is a beautiful stretch of sand and one of the lesser-known beaches on Kauai. The south beach is mainly used by local families for pole-, torch- and throw-net fishing, octopus hunting and limu (seaweed) harvesting on the offshore fringing reef. The south beach also has a lagoon where one can swim in. The north beach is more picturesque and a nice place to enjoy the serene surroundings. However, the nearshore waters are rocky, so swimming is limited. Aliomanu is a rather remote area and not many tourists come here just for the beach. The ones who come here are likely staying at a vacation home along this stretch of shoreline.

Aliomanu Beach Overview

  • Beautiful beach composed of two sections - known as north and south Aliomanu Beach
  • Has an offshore fringing reef
  • Local families fish and harvest limu (edible seaweed) on south beach

Vacation Rentals near Aliomanu Beach

Off Aliomanu Road/Kalalea View Drive, Anahola HI 96703
Directions: The access to the north and south Aliomanu beaches is different. To get to the north beach (from Highway 56), turn onto Aliomanu Road and then onto Kalalea View Drive. Then turn onto the road that leads toward the ocean where you'll find a parking lot and a beach access trail. It's a 5-minute walk down to the beach. To get to the south beach, turn onto Aliomanu Road and follow it straight ahead to the beach.

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