Pe'epe'e Falls and Boiling Pots

Pe'epe'e Falls

Pe'epe'e Falls and Boiling Pots, Big Island

If you're visiting popular Rainbow Falls, located in Hilo, you might as well continue up the road for another mile and see Pe'epe'e (pronounced Peh-eh-peh-eh) Falls as well. This lesser-known waterfall can be seen from a lookout point on the road (it is distant view). Boiling Pots is closer to the lookout point, a series of small pools and cascades that can be quite turbulent if it has recently rained and there is lots of water coming down the stream. During heavy rain, the pots appear to be boiling (due to underground lava tubes), hence the name Boiling Pots.

Pe'epe'e Falls is surrounded by lava rocks and lush vegetation and plunges about 80 feet (24 m) into a pool below. A small trail to the right of the viewing area leads to the pots below. However, it is not a good idea to hike down there when the stream flow is heavy because you could be swept away and drown. The hike to the waterfall will require some rock-skipping and you may get wet.

Pe'epe'e Falls Overview

  • Located upstream from the popular Rainbow Falls in Hilo
  • Public access viewing area at Wailuku River State Park is more for viewing the Boiling Pots, which are a series of smaller cascades and pools
  • Lots of mosquitoes in this area (bring mosquito repellent)

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Reviews and Comments:
The boiling pots werent doing much boiling when we went it was interesting but I thought more water would be gushing around , maybe when its the wet season it would be better. we went in august. It was still nice to visit
Suzanne Sutton, Thu May 03, 2012