Onomea Falls

Onomea Falls, Big Island

Onomea Falls is a multi-tiered waterfall located within the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. To get to the waterfall, one has to enter the botanical garden (admission fee). While this may sound steep for a botanical garden, it is well worth a visit. This garden is one of Hawaii's best. Besides the beautiful waterfall, you'll see a wide variety of tropical flowers and plants. The garden is very lush and colorful.

The waterfall is nestled within thick vegetation of palm trees and ferns, and mosses are growing on the surrounding rocks and trees. There is a small wooden viewing bridge that leads across the stream. It is a serene spot that emits a rejuvenating energy.

Onomea Falls Overview

  • Beautiful multi-tiered waterfall located within Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation

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