Pahala Post Office

Pahala, Big Island

This former sugar town is located in the Big Island's Ka'u District. Sugar was grown here up until the 1990s and the local townspeople believed that this would always be that way because "sugar is king." However, the marketplace changed and sugar production in Hawaii became too expensive, so Pahala's large sugar mill is closed today.

Today, there are a few coffee farms in the hills above Pahala, producing Ka'u coffee, which is not as known yet as the popular Kona coffee, but gaining a reputation on its own.

Pahala has a few eateries, schools, a gas station, a small shopping center, a post office, a hospital and a few churches. With a population of 1,356 (2010 Census), it is the largest town in Ka'u.

Pahala Overview

  • Offers a glimpse into the old Hawaii – a traditional sugar plantation town
  • Located in the Big Island's Ka'u District
  • Population: 1,356 (2010 Census)
  • Zip code: 96777

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Reviews and Comments:
I loved and enjoyed my vacation in Pahala Ka'u. I was there for the 2017 Espejo-Fuerte Family Reunion. Beautiful and kind families. Even tho I had to return to Miami I left my heart in Pahala.
Greta Edwards, Fri Oct 20, 2017
Loved it so much that we bought a house in Pahala and moved there. This is not a tourist town. It is very quiet and close knit. Being 10 minutes from the beach and 25 minutes to Volcanoe National Park there are still many things to do. Hilo is less than an hour. This is rural Hawaii. If like the city, this is not the place to live.
Paul, Sat Jun 06, 2015