Pine Trees Beach

Pine Trees Beach, Big Island

Unlike its name, you won't find any pines on this beach – it was named by clueless surfers who thought the nearby mangroves were pine trees. Pine Trees Beach is a popular place among local surfers and one of the best barbecue sites on the Big Island's Kona Coast.

The beach is mainly visited by local residents because it's not that easy to get to it. Access is via a rough, unpaved, 4-wheel drive road. It can be crowded on weekends, but during the week, you may have it almost to yourself. Locals often camp out here, but you’ll need a permit to stay overnight. You can get one from the beach officials who usually set up a tent on the beach.

The swimming conditions are poor because the ocean bottom is rocky. It is mainly surfers who go into the water. But the beach has white sand, so it's a good place for a barbecue and to relax. When the water is calm, the deeper offshore areas are sometimes visited by scuba divers, who come here on boat. The area offers good cave-diving opportunities.

Pine Trees Beach Overview

  • Good beach for barbecues and surfing
  • Poor swimming conditions

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Reviews and Comments:
One of the most greatest beaches I have ever been to. I thought everything about especially cause everyone treated you so nice. The waves were the best things I have ever ridden.
James, Thu Aug 02, 2012