Leleiwi Beach Park

Leleiwi Beach Park, Big Island

Leleiwi Beach Park is located next to the Richardson's Ocean Center at the eastern end of Hilo. There is a small black-sand beach and the rocky shoreline is made up of a few natural ponds, inlets and small rock islets. Some of the ocean pools are fed by freshwater springs, so the surface water is a bit chilly. But nevertheless, many tropical fish and other marine life inhabit the bay. And because the beach is shallow and protected, it is a popular snorkeling destination.

A sea wall lines almost the entire length of the beach, but there is a small pocket beach at the base of the wall which serves as an entry and exit point to the water. As you enter the water, don’t be surprised if you’re joined by some green sea turtles who inhabit the area and are particularly friendly to swimmers. Keep in mind though that they are protected by law and it is not allowed to touch or swim after them. Leleiwi is also a good spot for picnics. There are palm trees that provide shade, as well as picnic tables and pavilions.

Leleiwi Beach Park Overview

  • Good beach for snorkeling and picnicking
  • Next to Richardson's Ocean Center

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Reviews and Comments:
just to the north of leleiwi proper there is a large bay where there are 3 pavillions lined along the highway. this is the best shore dive in hilo, although not for the beginner the water can be very dangerous. i free dive here alot and let me tell you about it.
the bay quickly drops off to very deep water. following the coast to the north you will be rewarded with steep cliffs that drop off into the blue. sharp craggy mountain tops and canyons where the edges just drop off. the currents can be quite strong just be calm and dont try to fight it.
this is where i heard my first whale songs. one night while free diving while underwater i heard the amazing songs of the humpback whales and it is an almost religious experience. the deeper you dive the better you can hear the songs. i know the sea bottom between kings landing and the hilo breakwall like the back of my hand and believe me, this spot at leleiwi is the best shore dive and snorkelling spot in hilo. its heavily fished but the sea mounts, caves, cliffs and canyons and whale songs along with the coral and spooky deep water makes this an incredible dive site.
Jay, Aug 23, 2010