Laupahoehoe Point Beach Park

Laupahoehoe Point Beach Park, Big Island

Located on the Big Island’s Hamakua Coast (east shore), Laupahoehoe Point is a peninsula covered with coconut palms, grass and black lava rocks on the shoreline, which contrast beautifully with the deep blue ocean. On a sunny day, the ocean is particularly blue here.

Laupahoehoe is known for its scenic views, but it also holds a tragic past. It was here where a tsunami killed 19 schoolchildren and 5 adults on April Fool’s Day in 1946. The names and ages of the victims were engraved on a rock, which serves as a memorial in the park. The village was later relocated further inland to avoid another tragedy.

Laupahoehoe Park is a nice spot for a picnic and picture taking, but when it comes to water activities, the options are limited. Other than exploring the nearshore tidepools, the ocean is too furious and dangerous here for swimming. When you’re out on the peninsula, you can often times see the waves crash against the lava rocks.

Laupahoehoe Point Beach Park Overview

  • Scenic peninsula on the Hamakua Coast
  • Tsunami hit Laupahoehoe Point on April 1, 1946, causing 24 deaths
  • Memorial in the park stands as a reminder of this tragic day
  • Beach park is a nice place for a picnic - scenic location
  • Peninsula features smooth pahoehoe lava and is covered with grass
  • No swimming possible due to strong currents, high surf and sharp lava rocks
  • Rocky shoreline

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Reviews and Comments:
This was a very beautiful place but the memorial is very moving. We were there the second week of April and the flowers were still there from the memorial on April 1st. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I highly recommend a visit to this place.
Sue Collins, Fri Dec 31, 2021