Honomalino Bay

Honomalino Bay

Honomalino Bay, Big Island

This secluded gray-sand beach on the Big Island's southwestern shore is a real gem. Fringed by coconut palms and kiawe trees, Honomalino Bay offers good swimming and snorkeling conditions when the ocean is calm. The beach is fronted by a shallow sandbar, which drops off sharply further out.

The small bay is accessible via a 20-minute walk along a trail that begins at neighboring Miloli'i Beach Park.

Honomalino Bay Overview

  • Small, protected bay on the Big Island's southwest shore, south of Kona
  • Gray-sand beach backed by palm trees
  • Beach sand is a mixture of black sand from lava and white sand
  • Bay is never crowded and only accessible via a 20-minute walk
  • Beach has eroded considerably in the last century

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Reviews and Comments:
This place sad to say..is not what it once was...the quietude and beauty of this place is now forever gone..and it is full of criminals and meth amphetamine addics..whateve u do..don't waste the time going here.
Walter whittenstein, Fri Jul 25, 2014
My wife and I had a great time at this Beach. Camped the night. locals were cool but not threatening. One bad thing, the camp ground seemed to have a dozen or so long term permanate campers that were alternately rude and moochy. There was also a pudgy drunk guy who walked around in ratty underwear and raved how much he loved his mandalin late into the evening.
Dan, Wed Mar 06, 2013
This beach is beautiful! Quiet, not too crowded, interesting shoreline, and the grey sand is cool. Water looked calm (we didn't go in). Camping available too. FYI: Ho'okena Beach Road is narrow and winding; remember to not take your half out of the middle because of the blind turns.
Wendy, Fri Nov 30, 2012
I'm a "local", and love this beach! It's small, compared to the huge man-made beaches up north by the resorts, but it's very friendly to visitors!, great for boogie boarding and body surfing, average for snorkelling, and sometimes, the swimmer dolphins come into the bay to feed and rest in the morning! Great restroom and shower facilities and a new concessionnaire rents snorkel gear and kayaks.
auntie Barb, Wed Mar 28, 2012