Carlsmith Beach Park

Carlsmith Beach Park, Big Island

Carlsmith Beach Park is one of the nicer beaches in the Hilo area. This side of the Big Island is mainly made up of lava rocks, but Carlsmith Beach Park has a sandy ocean bottom.

There is no sandy beach, but it’s a great place for swimming and snorkeling because the nearshore waters are protected by a reef. The entire area consists of several relatively large lagoons. Freshwater bubbles up from the bottom in several areas, so there are some cooler spots throughout the lagoons.

Sea turtles can often times be seen here. They are tame and don’t seem to mind the people in the water. They sometimes even swim up to snorkelers instead of away from them. The beach park has a spacious grassy area with trees, so there is plenty of room for a picnic.

Carlsmith Beach Park Overview

  • Has a protected swimming area
  • Sea turtles are frequent guests here
  • Large park area with plenty of shade

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Reviews and Comments:
Was there more then once, very beautiful and memorable place and looking forward to be back there next year! Aloha
Terrie Dishman, Sun Jul 12, 2015
We visited Carlsmith Beach in March and we really loved it there, so we went back there a few times even though we were staying in the Pahoa area. The beach park has a few protected crystal clear coves, perfect for swimming and bathing, which was great for me because I'm not a good swimmer. Even two baby turtles came very close to me :) It seems Carlsmith Beach is also very popular among local residents. One downside of this park is that the parking lot is small and since it was busy we had to park on the side of the road and walk a bit to get to the beach.
Martha, Sun Aug 18, 2013