Ahalanui Beach Park

Ahalanui Beach Park, Big Island

Located on the Big Island’s east shore near Pahoa, Ahalanui Park (see more photos) (also known as Pualaa County Park) offers a bathing experience that is unique in the Hawaiian Islands. Here you can have a bath in a spring-fed, walled-in pool, which is volcanically heated to a comfortable 90°F (32°C). On some days though the water is a bit cooler than that.

The part natural part man-made pool is located right next to the ocean. It is connected to it by a small inlet, which also allows small tropical fish to enter the pool. The pool water is brackish, but crystal clear, and the bottom of the pool is a combination of sand and mud, with a slight sulfur smell.

Ahalanui Park is a good place for novice swimmers since the water is shallow and there is even a lifeguard. A few access ladders make getting into the pool easy. It is a beautiful spot, surrounded by palm trees, grass and shady areas, ideal for picnics.

Note: Avoid swimming at Ahalanui Pond with an open wound or cut. The pond was closed to the public on September 26, 2013, after a man contracted an infection after swimming in the pond with an open wound. The County reopened Ahalanui Park in early October after water testing by the state Department of Health showed bacterial levels safe for swimming. According to the Health Department, there was no evidence to suggest the pond water being contaminated. The Hawaii Department of Health recommends keeping open wounds clean, dry and covered to prevent infection, which can come from anywhere, including from bacteria that live naturally on the human body.

Ahalanui Beach Park Overview

  • Spring-fed natural pool located next to ocean, surrounded by walls
  • Warm, calm waters (pool is volcanically heated to a balmy 90 F - 32 C)
  • Several access ladders lead into the pool

Vacation Rentals near Ahalanui Beach Park

Kapoho Kalapana Rd, Pahoa HI 96778
Directions: Take Highway 130 south from Pahoa. After reaching the dead end at Highway 137, turn right. The pool is located on the left, right behind Mile Marker #10.

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Reviews and Comments:
It was our first day of my vacation and we were just driving around and exploring the area. We saw this park from the road and we decided to check it out. Good we did! This place is so gorgeous! It is like a huge oceanfront bathtub backed by palm trees. It was so much fun to swim and snorkel there that we decided to stay the whole day.
Sara, Sun Aug 18, 2013