Coconut Island (Mokuola)

Coconut Island (Mokuola), Big Island

This little island is located in Hilo Bay and can be accessed from Liliuokalani Gardens via a pedestrian footbridge. Its Hawaiian name is Mokuola (meaning “island of life” or “healing”), but today it is more commonly known as Coconut Island.

In the old Hawaii the island was known for its curative spring waters. Also, it was believed that if a sick person swam around one of the rocks at the eastern inlet of the island he or she would get healed from the illness.

The umbilical cords of newborns were also brought here and placed under a stone called Papa a Hina. This assured that the child would live a strong and healthy life. There is a small sea pool called Pua'akaheka on the island that was known as a special healing location.

Coconut Island Overview

  • Place of healing and curative powers in the old Hawaii
  • Small island accessible via a pedestrian footbridge

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