Two mysterious ghostlike figures spotted on Highway 19 on the Big Island of Hawaii

Two mysterious ghostlike figures spotted on Highway 19

This picture was taken on August 20, 2016, at 12:12 pm on Highway 19 on the Big Island of Hawaii near mile marker 89. While driving towards Waikoloa, our Webmaster was taking pictures of the scenic drive. It was six days later when we discovered this picture while browsing through all the pictures on our camera, and it drew our attention. We saw something strange in this picture that wasn't supposed to be there. When we zoomed in and looked closer we could clearly see two ghostlike figures facing the road - almost like a couple posing for selfies.

Even though we could clearly see facial features of the two figures, we couldn't agree on what exactly we were seeing. To one of us it appeared as if both of them are holding something like cameras in front of their faces, as if they are taking photos of the highway or of themselves. The other one thought she saw two figures sitting in the lava field looking at the cars drive by on the highway, but without holding cameras. What do you see?

As a side note, near where the photo was taken is the West Hawaii Veterans Cemetery, located on the opposite side of the highway. Also nearby is a location where people have written messages in the lava field with white coral rocks, so-called coral rock graffiti. The hill in the background is called Pu'u Ku'ili, and right behind it is the popular beach named Kua Bay. A few days later we tried to take new photos at the same location, but this time nothing unusual appeared. Hawaii is known as a location with many secrets and mysteries. Many ancient legends tell of night marchers and Hawaiian spirits. This was the first time we were able to capture two ghostlike figures on camera.