Haunted Places in Hawaii

We all love a good ghost story, especially when there's a grain of truth to it. And for the spirit freaks out there, Hawaii is the ultimate haunted haven. Each of the islands has a story to tell, from haunted hotels to cursed villages, from warriors and goddesses to little lost children.

Indeed, if you've heard enough stories, you'll feel as if each step is a walk through the realm of the unknown. You'll almost expect a menehune, a mythical dwarf of local folklore, to pop out from behind every tree. You'll feel like you're walking amidst invisible warriors and ancient kings. It's almost as if you're part of these old legends yourself.

In Hawaii, it's a common belief that the uhane, or human soul, leaves your body at night and wanders around in search of knowledge, experience, or adventure, returning only when you wake up. When you die, it travels to the leina, sites believed to be portals to the Other World, such as Ka'ena Point on Oahu. Sometimes, the uhane gets lost on the way and remains as a wandering spirit on earth.

Hawaiian folklore is teeming with legends like these, and many locals are sure to have a similar story. Some of them, they will proudly tell you, come from first-hand experience and have been passed on for generations. You can literally fill an entire book with Hawaii's ghost stories.

Ancient battle sites, burial grounds and old temples are some of the most popular sites for Hawaiian ghost stories. You've also got your old schools and cemeteries. But there's a lot more out there: old haunts waiting to be unearthed, stories waiting to be told.

We've picked these sites specifically because there are numerous witness accounts or several years of history behind them, lending a grain of truth to the story. Of course, whether they are true or not, you'll have to find out yourself.