Greenwall Farms, Big Island

Greenwell Farms is located in the heart of the Big Island's Kona coffee growing region. The farm was established in 1850 by Henry N. Greenwell who arrived in Kona from England. Together with his wife Elizabeth, he started this farm and in later years exported his Kona coffee to places as far away as Europe. Today, Greenwell Farms is managed by descendents of Henry and Elizabeth.

Visitors can take part in daily farm tours to learn more about Kona coffee and how it is grown, harvested and processed. The tour leads through the coffee fields and processing facilities and at the end visitors can enjoy free samples of various coffee products.

Monday through Sunday from 8:30 am to 4 pm

Greenwall Farms Overview

  • Learn more about Kona coffee
  • Take part in a farm tour
  • Sample Greenwell Kona coffee

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