Wailana Coffee House

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Wailana Coffee House

Situated opposite the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, the Wailana Coffee House is open all day (24 hours a day) every day. The fact that it is always open makes this a popular spot for anyone in need of sustenance, especially late at night when other eateries have finished serving. With affordable prices, a laid-back ambience and friendly service, the Wailana Coffee House is a multiple winner of the 'Ilima Award.'

Offering an all-day breakfast, the delicious aroma of bacon from the Wailana Coffee House tends to draw people in at all times of the day. Appealing in equal measures to local residents and visitors, this coffee house attracts late night revelers looking for a tasty snack as well as those seeking a substantial morning meal to start the day. The wide variety of waffles and pancakes also come highly recommended. In addition to all-day breakfasts, the Wailana Coffee House serves lunch and dinner. These menus, which feature a number of favorites such as shrimp and catch of the day, are accompanied by a salad bar that is well-stocked with an array of salad items and fresh fruit. The atmosphere is a family-friendly one and the attractive prices are also a draw for families. Come night, a selection of alcoholic drinks is available in the cocktail lounge, which also hosts karaoke and live music from 9.00pm until midnight.

Being conveniently located in the center of Waikiki, the Wailana Coffee House is easy to find. Its 24-hour availability means that wherever one is in Waikiki, there is always the comfort of knowing that a hot coffee and some tasty food is within reach, however early in the morning or late at night. Price, of course, is an important consideration, and visits to the Wailana Coffee House can help make everyone's dining-out dollars go further.

Hours of operations:

Monday to Sunday: 24 hours a day

Price category:

$10 and up


(808) 955-1764

Wailana Coffee House Overview

  • Waikiki restaurant that's open
  • Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Nightly karaoke

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