Azure Restaurant

Azure Restaurant, Oahu

Looking out onto Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, the Azure restaurant is located at the Royal Hawaiian Resort. The award-winning seafood restaurant takes its name from the ‘blue’ of its surroundings. Azure is a shade of blue that is regularly described as the color of the sky on a fine sunny day or the color of blue at 210 degrees. In this case, it is intended to reflect the clear blue skies over Hawaii and the beautiful blue hues of the Pacific Ocean. The sweeping ocean views to the front of the restaurant, the mellow candle light, the plush banquettes and the inviting pillows serve to create an inviting ambience and romantic dinner setting.

The Azure restaurant aims to bring its customers the island’s tastiest seafood and an exquisite, memorable dining experience. Each morning at 5:30 am a brass bell rings out to announce the opening of the Honolulu fish auction. The sound of the bell provides the prompt for the chefs from the Auzure to begin their hunt to find the freshest catch of the morning.  Driven by a passion for quality and excellence, they hand select the finest locally caught fish available – ahi, moi, onaga, opah, opakapaka, and more. Once the chefs have made their selection, the fish are expertly prepared to create a variety of dishes to please virtually every palate. Diners can choose between innovative local regional dishes created with bright tropical flavors or classic offerings such as a high-heat roasted preparation infused with aromatic herbs. Knowledgeable servers and sommeliers are on hand to help diners choose the perfect wine to complement their particular choice of food.

Set under the canopy of the Royal Hawaiian hotel's impressive architecture with superb views of the Waikiki beachfront, the Auzure restaurant is open every evening – Monday through to Sunday – from 5.30pm to around 9.00/9.30pm. The restaurant also offers private dining facilities to cater for groups of anything from 30 to 65 people. This is ideal for group outings, celebratory events or any type of special occasion.  

Hours of operations:

Monday to Sunday:

Price category:

$25 and up


(808) 921-4600

Azure Restaurant Overview

  • Oceanfront seafood restaurant at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel
  • Romantic setting
  • Open for dinner

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