Richard's Shopping Center

Richard's Shopping Center, Lanai

This is where local residents on Lanai go shopping. Established in 1946, it has been around for quite some time and not much has changed since then. You’ll find a grocery section including meats (mostly frozen) and produce, cosmetics, paper products, liquor, clothing (aloha shirts, etc.), toys, kitchen utensils, Hawaiian jewelry, souvenirs and other miscellaneous items. There’s a huge selection of fishing gear.

Richard’s Shopping Center is Lanai City’s oldest retail grocery and general merchandise store. It’s located in the oldest building on the town square.

Richard's Shopping Center Overview

  • Oldest grocery and general merchandise store in Lanai City
  • Has fresh produce, canned goods, meats, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, kitchen supplies and other items
  • Located in oldest building on the town square

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