Dis N Dat

Dis N Dat, Lanai

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When staying in Lanai City and walking around in the heart of the town around Dole Square, you probably will notice the Dis ‘N Dat store. It looks so cute and colorful from the outside it’s impossible to overlook it. The gift shop is located in a tiny plantation house, creatively colored in all green and decorated with plenty of lights and ornaments.

Here you can find the original slippah necklaces, the biggest collection in Hawaii. If you’re a jewelry fan, this is the place to shop. They have a huge selection of it and other ornaments from all over the world, including many earrings, anklets and bracelets.

Besides jewelry, you’ll find pottery, ceramics, hula lamps, woven baskets, dragonfly lamps, garden ornaments, wind chimes and mobiles. A huge selection of unique and exotic home décor. It’s a fun place to browse and shop.

Dis N Dat Overview

  • Small gift shop with a huge selection of jewelry and home décor
  • Creatively decorated with many ornaments and fun to shop at
  • Located in the heart of Lanai City

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