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Said to serve some of the best burgers available on Kaui, Bubba Burgers can be found in the heart of Hanalei on the island's North Shore, just a few minutes away from Hanalei Bay. Whether you want to meet with friends for lunch or an evening meal, have worked up an appetite after hours of surfing, snorkelling, rafting, hiking the Napali or exploring the island, Bubba Burgers is the place to look for if you want a good burger.

Part of a franchise with three outlets spread around Kaui, it is Bubba's belief that integrity, hard work and being able to make the best of any situation is a winning formula. The restaurant sources the best ingredients available and uses local produce where possible. Using only beef that has been grass-fed beef and ground to Bubba's specification, the extensive menu includes burgers of all sizes - from the Bubba Burger, which is suitable for youngsters, those with smaller appetites and the not-so-hungry, to the Big Bubba, the Slopper and the Double Slopper, there is something to suit all tastes and hunger levels. Burgers can be served relatively unadorned or with all the trimmings. Typically, burgers are served on a toasted bun with diced onion, mustard (usually French), an old-fashioned relish with a ketchup base and a good-quality mayonnaise. A selection of local favorites includes the Teriyaki and Double Teri Burgers (with onion, mayonnaise and teriyaki glaze), the Big Teri and the Hubba Bubba (a combination of burger, split grilled hot dog and rice, spread with Bubba's Chili). Other menu offerings include chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, salads and rice. Side orders of fries, onion rings, frings and other favorites are also available. A range of soft drinks - coke, iced tea, lemonade, root beer and so on - as well as variously-flavored milk shakes and floats are available to complete all meals.

Once diners pick up their Bubba meal they can enjoy it outdoors where there are a number of picnic tables located under a pleasant smattering of palm trees. Bubbas is open seven days a week from 10.30am until 8.00pm.

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$5 and up

Bubba Burgers Overview

  • Best burgers in Hanalei
  • Affordable prices
  • Near Hanalei Bay Beach

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