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mail forwarding
09-09-2012, 01:34 AM
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RE: mail forwarding
Ah yes, I remember hearing all that Mexican polkas and tuba solos and I couldn't stand another minute of it. Yes, getting cut off and then getting the one finger salutes for minding my own business wasn't a very good place to live. Flashing your lights or beeping your horn seemed to be an open invitation for gunfire after you complain about their lack of driving skills because they were either drunk,unlicensed,uninsured or all three was very common.
Chase capital of the United States because they all thought that they could outrun a police radio, news choppers and run for the border,ending with tragic results. Nothing like live coverage of these guys crashing into innocent people only trying to get out of their way during the chase and in the end,getting arrested and looking like the drivers from the last three police chases. Bald heads,wife beaters,baggy jeans and gang tats all over the place,not a very good place to raise a family.
Here is much different, if HPD had their way,they'd take you out back and shoot ya,lol. Here,it's a much different lifestyle,much more relaxed and easy going. We don't have all that crime,just a little petty crime at the very worst. Nothing really to make the news channels or newspapers here.So in that aspect, news here is very boring.
The main point of life here is doing good in school and taking subjects that are not offered on the mainland like Robotics and such. Youth sports is very big out here too. Just look at our Warriors Football team or the UH Girls Volleyball team,best in the nation. Life here is in what you make it and not what you are forced to do for the local Hispanic gangs whose bosses are making more money behind bars than they did out on the streets of East La or Compton or even Santa Ana.
The kids here have good choices that they can make and not the lessor of two bad choices it seems back there. Surprising enough,people get use to the environment they live in and adapt themselves to it whether it's good or bad.
I will say that Hawaii is not for everyone though. We have tsunamis every year and sometimes shortages of goods and services. If you learn to think ahead and plan ahead, then nothing will faze you.You buy stuff when you see it or it will not be there the next day or you larger amounts when things are on sale.
Like this week,Bullseye BBQ sauce for $1 a bottle(wife bought 5 bottles),Spam-$1.75 a can(bought 40 cans) and cans of Chef Boyardee-15 oz.cans for $1. So I buy 20 cans at a time to last us a while and for disaster preparedness. We rely on shipments from the mainland and it only takes a big earthquake to hit Los Angeles to upset those shipments to Hawaii. You must think ahead and buy ahead.
I hope this gives you a better understanding on how you must live here in Hawaii. Mahalo!
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