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Vehicle Registration
10-30-2011, 07:39 AM
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Vehicle Registration
I have several questions about buying and registering a vehicle purchased in Hawaii after we arrive.
Having a car is a must.
Can I register a car that I will purchase in Hawaii with a different state drivers license?
Do I have to pay taxes at the registration on the car?
What about inspections? Are they strict on certain items?
Do I have to get a Hawaiian license or can I drive on my stateside license?
What is required of me to transfer the title to my name?
Any quirks about auto insurance i need to know?
Any other info about this procedure will be helpful.
Thanks in advance.
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10-30-2011, 11:08 AM
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RE: Vehicle Registration
Welcome to our forum, diannah! Are you planning to move to the Big Island of Hawaii? If yes, you'll find the answers to your questions on this Hawaii County web page:
There is also a phone number up there you can call if you have any additional questions. I hope this info helps.
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10-30-2011, 09:34 PM (This post was last modified: 10-31-2011 07:28 AM by kaniamea.)
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RE: Vehicle Registration
We are moving over ourselves in three weeks. We are bringing our 2006 Honda Civic and a 99 Ford Ranger pickup, because they are all paid for and have low mileage. Also, older cars brought in from California may have less rust on them than used cars in Hawaii. We'll be paying about $875 per car (maybe less) to ship from the Port of Oakland to the Big Island.
I obviously can't address the laws in Hawaii yet concerning registering your car and drivers licenses, but if you plan to live there most of the year, you will very likely have to register your vehicle in Hawaii and obtain a state drivers license. We are going to do that, because we are going to live there permanently.
My brother, a long Hawaii resident, says be sure to study the drivers manual carefully before taking the test. Speed limits and other laws may be quite different from your home state.
One VERY IMPORTANT thing I learned recently is that you must have a Social Security card to get a drivers license. I had lost mine years ago, but I've also had my number memorized. I went to a local Social Security office here and they submitted my forms within minutes. My card arrived in the mail three days later, all at no charge.
Another thing you should consider is car insurance. If you have a long history with one of the big mainland companies like Allstate, keep your policy, because new policies for car insurance in Hawaii are sometimes more expensive than in other states. There aren't as many insurers in Hawaii.
Auto inspections (including smog tests) may or may not be as stringent as your home state, but I don't believe there are periodic required inspections (with window stickers), as there are in Pennsylvania and some states. I'll also need to verify this! But Hawaii's steep hills and heavy rains can be hazardous, so always be sure that your wipers, tires and brakes are in top condition, regardless.
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