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To move, or not to move, that is the question!
04-20-2015, 08:02 PM
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To move, or not to move, that is the question!
My sister, myself, our significant others, and daughters (one is almost 2 years old and one almost 2 months old) are looking to move to Hawaii. My sister recently posted on CL, and we'd love to get some more feedback!

"Hello everybody! My name is Chelsea and even though I've never been to Hawaii myself and don't know anybody there, I want to give O'ahu a try. I am sick of the cold, wet, unpredictable weather of western Washington. We've been having a rough couple years, and could use a reset button - could this be it?

I've already lived on an island (graduated in a class of 11 students, from a semi-remote island [Unalaska, AK] where EVERYthing was shipped in), so I know that it can be expensive for some things and it does make it so that you can't just jump in your car and drive for four days and be on the other side of the country - but we don't do that anyway so does that really count against it? The fact is, after living on an island I fell in love with the sounds and smells and sights of the ocean and miss it, but don't miss the cold AT ALL.

Unfortunately, my fiance isn't sold (or even close) on the idea of moving our little family to an island in the middle of the ocean. I think that if he would try for a year he'd like it, what do you think? Good idea or no? What are some activities that may help sway him (besides the obvious hikes and surfing)? We are in our mid-20's and have a two year old girl, are there couple-y things to do as well as family things? I would love for my daughter to have the chance to experience island life, without the cold Smile
Opinions please!! <3"

The island is calling my sister and I (and my boyfriend is on board to go too!) but my sister's boyfriend is hesitant. He's never really left Washington state (Never been on a plane!) and our theory is that he is a little afraid of branching out and experiencing something new. Anything that could ease his fears a little, and show him that there is more to Hawaii than hiking and surfing would be great! Smile Thank you in advance!
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04-21-2015, 08:39 AM (This post was last modified: 04-21-2015 08:40 AM by eleakai.)
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RE: To move, or not to move, that is the question!
Aloha Erin and welcome to our forum. It sounds like an exciting plan to move to Hawaii. However, why don't you come for a visit first before planning such a big move? It might be wiser to plan to stay here for a month or so and really get to know the island first, considering that you have never been here. As you probably already know, rents are really expensive in Hawaii. Also, you didn't mention if you have jobs here or don't need jobs. If money is no obstacle, then sure, you could plan a move right away. But if you are on a budget, keep in mind that many jobs pay less here compared to similar jobs on the mainland and rent for a decent 1-bedroom apartment on Oahu costs on average around $1,800. If you are looking for a 2-bedroom, it's around $2,400 and up. These are the current Oahu rental stats. That's why there are so many homeless in Hawaii.
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