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Surly locals and local jobs
09-25-2013, 09:32 AM
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Surly locals and local jobs
Hi new friends! A few questions about living in HI...

The wife is suggesting Big Grin Big Grin that we take a shot at living in Hawaii, probably on Oahu (but we're open to suggestions).

We're in Melbourne FLA, and she's hot for living the surfing lifestyle in Hawaii. But she's worried about dangerous local surfers in HI (I'm not sure where she gets this stuff Huh) Is it true that local Hawaiian surfers are extremely protective of "their" surfing spots, to the point of violence against "outsiders"?

This seems pretty ludicrous. Are there actually "surfing gangs" in Hawaii? Here in FLA she's never encountered "surfing gangs". Do they really exist in HI, or is she just being paranoid? Not being a surfer, I'm clueless about this sort of thing. The surfers 'round here seem like chilled, laid-back dudes who're into peace, love, that kind of thing...and to my understanding, Hawaiians are known for their relaxed attitudes and "aloha spirit".

Also...I don't have to worry about finding work, but she's an RN. How's the general outlook for healthcare employment in HI, particularly on Oahu? She has about 8 years' experience as an RN. I know that Hawaii has a large Asian population. Will her lack of fluency in Asian language(s) hurt her chances of finding work in the medical field?

PS - I advised her not to worry--that as a nurse, she can heal herself if some surly surfers injure her. Alas, she smacked me Rolleyes

Thanks friends,
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09-29-2013, 04:53 AM (This post was last modified: 09-29-2013 04:55 AM by eleakai.)
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RE: Surly locals and local jobs
Aloha and welcome to our forum! Yes, some surfers can be a bit territorial, but it depends on where you want to surf. Also, it depends on your own attitude and behavior. In other words, if you're friendly and know the "surfing etiquette" such as the line-up rules, you won't have problems. Kind of like driving a car I guess. If you're driving defensively, you'll run into fewer problems. I have never heard of surfing gangs in Hawaii or violence against outsiders. Maybe your wife could try surfing at Waikiki in the beginning. It's less dangerous than Oahu's North Shore winter surf.

Regarding finding a job as a RN on Oahu, I don't know what the general outlook is in this field. But she should be able to find a job even though she doesn't speak any Asian language.
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09-29-2013, 10:01 AM
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RE: Surly locals and local jobs
Aloha right back at ya Smile

Sweet, she'll be happy to hear this news. And yeah, totally...she's not planning on tackling the huge waves at first, heh. I'm pretty certain she's familiar with surfing etiquette, been surfing all her life.

Thanks for the response, be seein' ya around the forums Smile
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