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Severe Weather Where You Live !
05-19-2011, 10:47 AM (This post was last modified: 05-19-2011 10:50 AM by WonderinginWaikiki.)
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Severe Weather Where You Live !
I wanted to start a new thread for the ohana that doesn't live in Hawaii. Every time I turn around, one of our ohana is dodging tornadoes or severe weather where they live.
You may not know this yet but the state of Maryland will most likely make the news tonight. They have been having one tornado after another all afternoon. Dude just called me from his office because they were trapped there because of a tornado there and more are on the way.
I pulled it up on the radar and I just told him to evacuate his office right now because he has a slight 20-30 minute break between these super cells and he has to cross a five mile bridge to get home.
Currently,he is at his office in Annapolis and everyone is preparing to leave early from work. In interest of employee safety, he's letting everyone go home early to be with their families and take cover.
Anne recently had tornadoes near her like last week and Enid did also. So this thread is here to let everyone know what you are going through and then you can check back afterwards to let everyone know that you are safe and that you are fine.
Currently,Dude has a number of alerts going at the same time. They are under a Flash Flood Watch and they have a Special Weather Statement with Tornado Watch's and Warnings. He has a small break before the next round of super cells rotates through. These super cells run like independent of each other and are capable of creating multiply tornadoes at once.
Apparently, one of his family members or employees shot some tape of the last tornado and forward it to the local news channels there.
So this is pretty serious over there in Annapolis, Maryland where one of his offices is located.
We did get to talk briefly about his upcoming trip to Hawaii and he's super excited about coming over here in a week. He is going to call me back after he knows he's out of harm's way. I told him the heck with his office and his building,that's what insurance is for,get out of there!
Below is the link to the Doppler Radar of his current location and it doesn't look good at all. See for yourself.
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05-19-2011, 01:06 PM (This post was last modified: 05-19-2011 01:08 PM by WonderinginWaikiki.)
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RE: Severe Weather Where You Live !
Hey Dude,
I found this Interactive Tornado Map and you can also click on individual tornado reports as they come in. Even if you had a tornado, the reports will need to be filed in order for them to get on this map. What you can find is the current tornado warnings in the U.S. on this map.

Interactive Tornado Map

This link will open up into a new window and you can still come back to here and post with ease. I will say this Dude, those are some very nasty storms you guys are getting today. Thanks for giving me a call and giving me a heads up on what is going on over there in your neck of the woods.
I am not sure if this map will show the Water Spouts we got here yesterday but they are just tornadoes over a body of water. We lost our trades yesterday and getting some afternoon pop up storms. It was cloudy most of the day,yesterday and then it rained hard. That's when we had those water spouts again. There is a very good chance that this will happen again today. Weird weather we've been having here in Hawaii.

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05-19-2011, 03:56 PM
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RE: Severe Weather Where You Live !
Thanks for posting. It has been pretty bad, flooding, in my area. Lots and lots of rain. I don't think I've seen the sun in a bout 2 weeks. I know the east and mid west have been hit pretty hard!!!
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05-19-2011, 04:24 PM
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RE: Severe Weather Where You Live !
That's a good map. The only two tornados in the us and they are at our doorstep Smile
We have a little thunderstorm going on right now, but nothing severe. It is nice the hear the thunder. It has been pretty dry here the past couple of months.
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05-20-2011, 02:25 AM
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RE: Severe Weather Where You Live !
There were 5 tornados in Maryland yesterday. Me and everyone I know are OK. There might be some more coming today. Right now it is sunny and looks nice here in Maryland but you never know what might happen. I should be in Hawaii right now! Big Grin Next Saturday I wil be there!!!!!!
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05-21-2011, 03:46 PM
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RE: Severe Weather Where You Live !
I just refreshed a window on my computer of the local Doppler radar for Dude's area and it looks nice and clear of thunderstorms today. One of my thoughts when I started this thread is that maybe some of us need an out-of-state emergency contact and I think that is what Dude was thinking at the time those tornadoes were hitting so close to his office.
Close enough that he had to worry about his safety and those of his employees. I was happy to let him know exactly where those super cells were and to let him know when was the most opportune time to cross that 5 mile bridge he needed to cross to get home. The weather still wasn't best while crossing but they made it home safely.
I am a NWS Storm Spotter and I have this thing for thunder and lightning. I can't explain it but weather has always been a fantastic force to be respected. I still remember tornadoes hitting my house as a kid. Not just one either. I remember taking cover from several of them and even watch one waltz down our street taking out trees,power poles and houses but missing ours. I remember how the sky would get all green outside and then the aroma of rain coming. You just knew that this was going to be a long night and constant weather reports on all the channels on our TV.
So if you feel that you need to let someone know that you are ok, this would be a good place to come to, our ohana...
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05-23-2011, 02:01 AM
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RE: Severe Weather Where You Live !
Things turned out good for me. Even the tornados were the lowest volume tornados. I had a good weekend because no storms hit! I was getting ready for my trip to Hawaii by visting family and friends over the weekend before I head to Hawaii. I will be there soon!!!!
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05-24-2011, 06:12 AM
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RE: Severe Weather Where You Live !
Hi Dude,
Yeah, you got lucky this time. That wasn't the case for Joplin,Mo. on Sunday. So far,we're looking at 117 lost souls and scores still missing including a one year old boy, who might have been sucked out of his mothers arms during this deadly tornado. They are currently running Facebook ads for him and others right now.
Then after this tornado went through, two rescue workers were struck by lightning,both are police officers. One young man was seat-belted into his vehicle and the tornado sucked him out of the sunroof during the tornado and is still missing. Four patients and one visitor were killed inside the local hospital during that tornado also. This tornado stuck quite suddenly and left people with very little options. Our prayers goes out to the victims of the disaster and their families.
These cases of natural disasters seem to be happening more often lately and I just can't say that this a trend or just a string of bad luck. This does point out the need for everyone to pre-plan for these disasters before they happen. Prepare a plan,set meeting points,make your "go bags",and do "dry runs" to discover problems beforehand. Don't worry,you will never look like a nut case for doing this. When everything is said and done,you are still alive afterwards,you've accomplished your goals and mission.
I talked to Rich this morning for a couple of hours and he had mentioned that they were in Joplin just a month ago and now,it almost doesn't exist anymore because of this deadly tornado. He did have one very important point though, you need to plan for these types of disasters for your area and for where you live. He pointed out that I need to evacuate up and that they need to evacuate down. That is so true for both of us.
I have been following a major super cell that is getting ready to hit his area and Anne's area by the same storm. Yes,this super cell is about three states in size and is the same type that hit Joplin on Sunday. The warnings still hadn't been issued for Rich's area yet when I talked to him but they are up right now. I had gave him a general time that this storm will hit this morning but appeared to be moving eastward a little slower than my original estimate but that's ok, buys him more time in the long run.
One other thing we talked about was having an emergency radio that has NOAA's S.A.M.E. Alert feature like that is found on the Eton FR600R Emergency Solarlink Radio and are commonly sold by the American Red Cross,ebay,Amazon or directly from the Eton Corporation.
Just plug it in,set it for alert and it will come on automatically if any alerts/warnings are issued for your area. Unfortunately,the AC cord doesn't come with the radio but is sold for $9.95 separately. A universal multi-plug adapter can be had for about the same price and would make you better equipped.
One personal point that I would like to make as you watch the news coverage of these disasters is that there is always lessons to be learned from witness statements and after-action reports from such events. What would you have done and how you would have done it? What could I do to ensure a better outcome? Could I have survived if this happen to me?
Unfortunately, people by nature, don't put much thought into something like this until it's to late. We've all been guilty of this for the most part. I like to think that my own life experiences has taught me some valuable lessons after surviving the 1994 Northridge Earthquake and the 1995 Kobe Earthquake. Where I witnessed firsthand during and afterwards, the devastation from these two earthquakes,plus countless California brush fires. Now,since moving to Hawaii, I've been through two tsunamis,if that doesn't beat all.
Are these warning sign of some sort? No one can tell, not even some quack who twice predicted that the world is going to end and was wrong both times. He keeps crying wolf,no one is ever going to listen. I never even heard of Harold Camping until today and didn't know that the world ended last Saturday,or now it will be Oct.21st? I don't like to really comment on these sort of things because I like to look for the facts first and then base an opinion. This topic can be debated everyday but no one has said with certainty the who,what and when,based on sound information. It goes back to the Y2K thing, boy, didn't that one backfire? Yes,you have the right to believe in something and if you truly believe that something is really going to happen someday,why not be prepared? Don't just say it, do it. That's a good motto to have these days,don't you think?
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05-24-2011, 07:18 PM
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RE: Severe Weather Where You Live !
Hi all,
I just got a call from Anne just now. She is going through hell right now with these severe thunderstorms and they are under a Tornado Watch until 3Am CST, her time. She was debating whether to stay at her daughter's house tonight because her daughter has a basement and her place don't. I tried to convince her to play it safe and stay with her daughter.
I think she was more worried about her hospital appointment in the morning. (She told me what her appointment is for but I'll leave it up to her to share her medical information to you if she chooses.) All I can say is that it isn't a painful procedure and not to worry to much.
I just used that Interactive Tornado Map just now and was a little amazed at how well it works in providing on the ground information. I use a different kind of map with the NWS that tells me the exact formation of a tornado before it hits the ground. Basically, the cloud rotation is what we look for along with the temperature of the cloud at different levels. Someday, we'll be able to look at a cloud the same way but in 3D or 4D with side views also. It's just a matter of time. I like seeing new technology in weather forecasting,not to give it to some dummies over at TSA,lol.
I was just watching CNN and there was something I learned about structures that are used for Home Depots, Wal-Marts, Sam's Clubs, K-Marts or what we call big box buildings. The building codes call for double construction walls with foam installation in between. It makes the walls more stable to stand alone and the foam to keep the building warm or cool depending on location. These walls were by no means made to withstand 200+ mph winds though.
Many of the dead that were found in the Joplin Home Depot were huddled around at the front entrance of the Home Depot and we need to learn the why's now. The all could of lived if they all would of hide themselves among the racks or aisles inside that store. To me,my thoughts are for either they all wanted to look outside the front doors to view the tornado and thinking that they were safe to do so, or they were told to stay away from those racks because heavy products could fall on them?
In the aftermath of this deadly tornado, maybe insurance companies, FEMA, and Department of Emergency Management will look at the results of this one building and institute new rules so that more people can survive in these types of buildings during a tornado or earthquake.
I am also looking at the idea that the racks with the heaviest weight like in lumber or racks with those heavy 5 gallon buckets. I don't think I would want to be stuck over at hardware though or aisles that has small bags of nails,screws,hinges and that sort of thing.
The bottom-line is that those racks were still left standing as they were before the tornado hit.I don't know, my thinking before this tornado in Joplin, was to stay away from those racks too. I think that maybe insurance companies have reshaped our way of thinking over time. No about personal safety but in terms of insurance claims.
There was another story where everyone survived by hiding inside of a produce cooler inside the local grocery store and another where a family survived by wrapping themselves around their toilet and holding on for dear life. All I can say is that it worked and they are still alive today.
In the movie,"Twister" , the two characters survived by wrapping themselves with an A7A Strap around a water pipe that went into the ground. Maybe something like this would be helpful to have in our own homes for emergency use. I personally just can't see myself living in tornado alley without a basement,that is just crazy. Maybe building codes should require basements with all new homes in the future in areas such as there.
I look at these disasters as an opportunity to learn something that we didn't know before. Also, maybe we should look at things like whether it's really better to have to windows open vs having them closed and so on. whether to stand in a doorway during a earthquake. It use to be recommended to stand in a doorway but not anymore. Maybe the use of sliding doors would be better than hinged doors? That it's safer to be in a vehicle during a lightning storm but not during a tornado if you are away from home.
I am very concerned about Rich and Jeanne, and Anne because they are all being affected by this rash of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. It's beyond me why anyone would want to live in this part of the country but maybe the same could be said for Hawaii also.
I was telling Rich about a program the was on the Discovery Channel just yesterday. It was about how our states boundaries and names were formed. That Mother Nature sure plays a very big role in that. What I really liked about this program was at the end of the show. Saying that Hawaii is the safest state to reside at in forms of natural disasters. That our weather isn't too cold or too hot, not known for having a lot of droughts, dust storms, earthquakes, major floods or even hurricanes. We do get most of those things but not on any grand scale. We do need to worry about earthquakes from other places because they can cause a tsunami here, so tsunamis is our greatest concerns here.
Hawaii did have a great tsunami in 1946, another in the 1050's and a rash of them through the 1960's but they do seem easily forgotten because they don't happen as often. That is something that we need to change. Let's be prepared first and then not worry about them. It seems that our state and federal governments have their priories wrong and it then become very costly in the end as far as loss of property and life.
Here in Hawaii, they have been collecting taxes to build a rail that takes you nowhere, it's costly, and no one is going to use because people would rather drive themselves or it will be to expensive to use. The people simply don't want it but we have a governor and a mayor that are determine to bring us rail because they have already made promises to not the people but the local unions here. Above all else, they think this project will bring jobs.
You want to provide jobs,that's great. We need to tear down and/or rebuild many of the schools here instead of building a rail line no one is going to use. Our harbors and freeways need a lot of work. All of these projects would provide jobs closer to home also. The other problem I have with this rail is that it's all union jobs and we all know how hard it is to get into a union if you don't someone or whose feet you should worship. So yes, there is problems that are not being addressed properly because they don't provide instant profit (in the form of new taxes) for the city or state in the short term. Apparently,rail can do that.
I think you get the point here. I am drifting off subject but it does seem to tie in together in the long run. There isn't enough people standing up and voicing an opinion or not voting when they should. Then you are left with a few people deciding everything for us and we have to live with that. Good luck with that is all that I can say.
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05-25-2011, 01:56 AM
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RE: Severe Weather Where You Live !
Sounds like the politicians are getting kickbacks! Oh thats right, pretty much every politician is shady!
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