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Pros and Cons of Moving to Hawaii
06-04-2015, 08:31 AM
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Pros and Cons of Moving to Hawaii
Aloha everyone!

I've been to Oahu, Hawaii on a vacation a few years ago plus I have a few friends who live there, both Mainlanders and Hawaiian natives so we stay in touch. During my husband and my stay in Waikiki, we have explored the entire island and found it really enjoyable. While we were experiencing new things and culture, we wondered if it was positive idea to stay there on permanent status once excitement and novelty wore off.

We are physically active and enjoy water sports (we own kayaks, surfboards and stand up boards). We have no kids nor debt to hold us down. Our friends did encourage us to move to Hawaii if we wanted to. We are tempted especially after living in San Diego and recently Long Beach. I'm getting tired of fast paced lifestyle here in SoCal and wish for some kind of peace of mind and better qualify of life. Since HI is predominantly Asian, I presume my husband and I can fit in easily due to our appearances.

I already own online businesses but both or one of us can look for employment in HI for daily living expenses since I read it is expensive to live in Honolulu but no surprise either because I've experienced high cost of living for many years in CA. I prefer to live nearby restaurants, stores and the like. Our philosophy is to live simply as much as possible, be free of many possessions and enjoy life as much as we can while staying healthy and active for the remainder of our lives.

Only downsides we have are: a SUV, 2 cats, kayaks, and some furniture we want to keep and don't want to give these away to save $ if we end up moving and after doing massive spring cleaning for the rest of our things which we are still working on. For now, I would just explore the jobs and see if I can secure a job in HI first regardless of pay as long as it's above minimum wage level. Also, I have looked at condos for sale...are they legit because it doesn't list any HOA fees like they do here in CA. I don't mind buying a condo down the road if I can rent it out as a vacation property in the future. I already have large savings and emergency funds just in case we decide to buy something down the road or used for emergencies.

Should we act on my wishes to move to Hawaii in order to find joy and peace, or they should remain a fantasy since it makes no difference? All I know when we vacationed in HI I felt this indescribable peace and happiness not found in money or possessions but the freedom to do things we enjoy most of the time. Thanks for reading! Cool
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06-06-2015, 09:53 AM
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RE: Pros and Cons of Moving to Hawaii
Aloha and welcome to our forum! If it's your dream to move to Hawaii and nothing is standing in your way, then why not? You can always move back in case you really don't like it after a couple of years. Many people have done that and others have stayed for good. But you won't know if you don't try. And since you mentioned you have savings and an emergency fund, this puts you in a much better position than many others who have moved to Hawaii. Also, it's not a problem to ship furniture to Hawaii. Just contact a moving company and they can assist you. Regarding the condos you saw, best is to contact the real estate agency.
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