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Latest Earthquakes Discussion
03-12-2011, 04:07 PM
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Latest Earthquakes Discussion
I think that the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan,Hawaii and California is on everyone's minds right now. I have a link on this forum for the USGS website to be used as a tool for the Latest Earthquakes of the World. Now this link is also useful to keep track of earthquakes in just one area of the world if you know how to find it on the USGS website.

Example,if you start with the first map of Earthquakes of the World,you can scroll over any area of the world,say Japan, you will see a bubble that says "Map of Asia" along with earthquake magnitudes. If you click on that,you will get a new map that covers Japan and it's latest earthquakes. Half way down the page on the right side,you can click on Earthquake Lists of this page and see a complete list of quakes from the last 2-3 days. They all you have to do is re-fresh that page as you like.

What this does offer you is what size and what time these quakes hit. We now know that Wednesday's 7.3 Quake that hit Japan was a Foreshock. Fridays 8.9 was the earthquake the foreshock was for. What we don't know is whether the 8.9 quake from Friday is also a foreshock for a much bigger quake? I sure hope that isn't case but we are talking about several crust masses moving against each other and causing these larger earthquakes.
When this is going on over a period of years,at some point,something has got to give. Hindsight being 20/20,lets look at the past week's events. Hawaii's volcanoes started acting up and putting out a lot more lava than usual. If you play the animated map of earthquake of the world,you will see small earthquakes on Hawaii and both sides of the Ring of Fire hit all at the same time.

Now,if you understand that all large earthquakes experience aftershocks. That is a fact but why does this happen? The movement of the earths crust has started and just hasn't come to a complete stop yet. So the edges of these plates are being forced into each other with great force and weight and at some point,one of them must give way to the other. They either break off or pop up. When these occur underwater,then you are talking about a large mass of sea water suddenly forced upward.
It is this sudden movement of the ocean that creates these tsunamis. The water must go somewhere besides up and it creates rings of water movement that spreads outward. The fact that this was the world's fifth largest earthquake ever recorded,it is really a surprise to everyone that these tsunamis were not much worse for Hawaii,California and other places of the Ring of Fire. I believe that we dodged the worst possible thing that could have happen to Hawaii and the West Coast as far as the tsunamis. It didn't seem to compare to what happen in December of 2004 or nearly as bad.
One more thing to add is this, the country of Japan is now 8 feet closer to the United States after Friday's 8.9 Earthquake. The North American plate is now moving underneath the other plate. Now we need to keep in mind that the plates have only resolved their issues only in that spot or area. That is not to say that this could now happen along these plates somewhere else further north or south. The fact that they are still moving and very large aftershocks,it would not be a surprise that we see a few 7.9's or even higher before everything calms down.
So,I hope this helps you to understand a little bit better as to how this could happen and why. Check out the links above and check out the functions of those pages and maps. Get yourself familiar as to the way they work. I will help you where I can and answer any questions.
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03-13-2011, 04:42 AM
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RE: Latest Earthquakes Discussion
Today, everyone was talking about cell phone companies and land line companies that were offering free long distance calls,so visitors and residents alike could get in touch with loved ones.. It was rumored that AT&T,Mobi and Oceanic Telecom were offering this promotional service but AT&T is the only one that is denying this so far.
Many residents are now asking for AT&T to pull out of the Hawaiian markets after what happen to Thursday night in the hours just before the tsunamis were due to hit the Hawaiian Islands. A badly timed stunt on their part.
It seems that AT&T turned off their cell phone and text messaging service from approximately 8:30pm to 1am Friday morning and hasn't to date stated why.
For many here in Hawaii,this was the worst possible time for them to do so when everyone was rushing around to prepare for the tsunami's first wave at 2:59am but was changed to 3:21am.
For many,being a part of a goodwill juster like Mobi and Oceanic was the least that AT&T could do but their greed must always come first it seems.

Ok,for the second part of this post. I have a friend staying with us for a couple of days because his apartment was below three floors and had to evacuate somewhere that was on the fifth floor or above during the tsunami. It was actually very nice to have him stay with us to help translate what we were seeing of TV.
His wife and kids live in the town of Sendai,Japan,which was one of the hardest hit areas of Japan. Their home isn't so close to the beach but they knew are such a very strong earthquake for an island to move to higher ground without being told to do so.
From what I understand,as soon as the massive earthquake stopped, jumped into a car and drove to an aunt's farm up in the mountains there in Honshu. They are safe and sound but still no cell phone service and still no power. He was finally able to talk to them briefly on my cell phone this morning and afternoon.
In between those two calls today,we watched CNN with great interest. At one point today,they had the US ambassador to Japan on CNN. Many times we kept hearing about our government willing to send whatever aid and help to Japan if requested by the Japanese government,but all such requests went unanswered. This same question was posed to the US Ambassador to Japan and there was a zero response from him.
So, a couple hours ago,we borrowed a Mobi cell phone from another friend and he was able to call his wife and talk to her for over an hour. The usual questions were asked and answered. Home not quite destroyed but the upstairs was leaning and that everytime a large aftershock would hit,she would drop the phone and everyone would run to a corner of the house for safety while shouting across the room at the land line phone. Most of the quakes were above 6.0 when this happen during the conversation.
A piece of the conversation turned to news coverage of the quake and tsunami damages. She said that a neighbor was able to power a TV with a emergency generator and they got to see all the damages around Japan for the first time last night. They had been crying and was still in shock when he talked to them.
The subject turned to about the US Ambassador and his lack of requesting help and aid and her response just floored me and him. She said that their earthquake experts (which they have the worlds best) are saying is that this is only the beginning and that there will be several more massive earthquakes like the ones that hit on Wednesday and Friday their time. That the earthquakes appear to be directional or moving from each side of where the first quakes started. That Japan has been slow on the requests for help and aid, because they believe that they are going to get more massive quakes within the next three days. That they fear that rescue workers from the US and elsewhere will get killed if they are there. I don't know if this is really based on sound science or the pride of their customs? It was something that I had never dreamed of that I would ever hear. What if this was really true? What if it is true?
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