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Ka'ena Point State Park Reserve
01-18-2011, 12:56 PM (This post was last modified: 01-20-2011 05:17 PM by WonderinginWaikiki.)
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Ka'ena Point State Park Reserve

I have drove to old town Haleiwa many times and a favorite stop is the Haleiwa harbor. I have always wondered if I didn't stop at the harbor,where that road would take me? Well,for starter's,it takes you to Dillingham Airfield and to Ka'ena Point State Park Reserve. I just followed the road until I couldn't get any further. If I had a four-wheel drive vehicle,I would imagine that I would ended up in Makaha.


As it was,we had just had some really bad thunderstorms and there were many signs of recent damages to trees on the sides of roads where they had to be cut up with chainsaws and signs of red mud overflows across roads but the drive was just fine.
It's a wonderful feeling of being able to drive anywhere without directions,maps or GPS's and just say, "I am going that direction as far as it will take me and that's it!"


The weather was nice and sunny but warnings of a third wave of storms coming the next day,I wasn't about to stay in the house one more day,hour or minute. I have to get outta dodge for a day and make the best of it. So I packed the larger cooler with drinks and took a large bag full of pogey bait and off we went.Tongue


So I took the H-2 to Scoffield Barracks to the route 99 to the North Shore and then left to Old Town Hale'iewa and then left at the harbor and went for miles it seemed. I then had to make a right turn based on my instincts of where the ocean was. One of the first things that I thought was funny were signs in people's yards and on the sides of the road were street signs for Route 66, I really thought this was funny because I have done a roadtrip along Route 66 on the mainland and it was nice to see that people had a sense of humor. I wish I would have stopped to get pictures of that,lol.


As you can tell,I am doing this like a trip report and hope everyone enjoys it this way. My original plans that day was to check out the huge waves on the North Shore(15'-25' ft. waves) but as I came over the hill just past the Dole Plantation, suddenly I had a change of plans. I could see brown water going from the shore to almost a mile out and I knew that I couldn't keep the kids away from the water while at the beach.


So I just followed the road until I reached this sign and kept on going until I reached this turnout what was full of potholes and ruts because the road was flooded up ahead and from the looks of vehicles coming out of there just caked with mud,I just said "No Way!'


So I parked towards the entrance because there were many potholes filled with water and I just no way of knowing how deep some of them were. I got out and took a walk and recon the area a little to get some pictures. What I discovered is that it was like walking on the surface of the moon from all of that anicent lava fields. It was nice but not what I had in mind for the family.


So I loaded everyone back up and we went about a mile or so back from the direction we had came from. We had just drove past the YMCA Camp and then we pulled over just past the Polo grounds with all of these beautiful horses. We parked and this beach had sand dunes and a nice beach. There was a chinese family having a picnic and fishing. They were very friendly and we got out our lawn chairs and found a nice spot to set up camp. We were just across the street to the landing and take off of the airstrip. We had small aircraft towing gliders up and them both just a few feet over us to land. It was pretty cool until we had one glider that came in much lower than the others to the point that we could hear the wind going over the wings and that was it. We started to pray for that pilot would make a safe landing. Didn't hear a crash so I guess they made it?


We had been on that beach for a while before I noticed a young woman in the nude and later on a family. After I got home,I found Polo Beach on the internet and discovered that it is a clothing optional beach within the Ka'ena Point Reserve,although this may not be completely legal. No Dude,I did not take any pictures of that,lol.
All in all,it was a great day to spend and I would love to come back to this park again in the future. Today would be an awesome day to go there since they are having 25' to 40' waves today and are holding the Quicksilver Eddie today on the North Shore and this park is probably the only place you are going to find parking. It's going to be crazy on the North Shore with traffic jams and no parking,it's sure to be a nightmare for tourists who want to get a look.


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01-25-2011, 02:35 AM
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RE: Ka'ena Point State Park Reserve
Awesome pics bro!!!!! You sure you don't have a pic that you can email me of the girl on the beach??????Big Grin
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01-25-2011, 04:40 AM
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RE: Ka'ena Point State Park Reserve
(01-25-2011 02:35 AM)NoKaOiDude Wrote:  Awesome pics bro!!!!! You sure you don't have a pic that you can email me of the girl on the beach??????Big Grin

Sorry Dude, I'm not that bold to do that,lol.
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01-26-2011, 02:32 AM
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RE: Ka'ena Point State Park Reserve
LMAO!!!!Big Grin
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