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Hawaii Volcano Erupts
03-07-2011, 04:37 PM (This post was last modified: 12-17-2015 01:14 PM by eleakai.)
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Hawaii Volcano Erupts
Over the past week,we've had 3.6 Earthquake and then a swarm of earthquakes starting on March 3rd and then starting this past Saturday, another shelf of the volcano collapsed into the Lava Lake and then yesterday,this. It's a great time to be on the Big Island of Hawaii. Check out these videos!

This one from the Weather Channel
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03-13-2011, 09:33 AM
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RE: Hawaii Volcano Erupts

This could be a thing of beauty if it wasn't so distructive!


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03-13-2011, 12:13 PM
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RE: Hawaii Volcano Erupts
Yeah, I know someone that just went over there this week and maybe get some good pictures. Have you seen the footage from Kona during the tsunami?
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03-14-2011, 01:33 AM
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RE: Hawaii Volcano Erupts
Hey bro, glad you made it through the weekend! Did Anne buy a megamillion ticket so she can win that place in Hawaii????Big Grin

My first trip to Hawaii was when the volcano erupted on the big island. I hope I did not curse the island!!!
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08-05-2011, 06:06 AM
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RE: Hawaii Volcano Erupts
I finally found this thread again. I knew I started this thread and wanted to add something interesting to it the last couple of months. It's a thought actually and I wonder if there is any merit in what I'm about to say and what I've been thinking about?
I started this thread on March 7th, within hours and days of the great Japan earthquake on March 11th 2011. If you understand how the earth is in it's raw state, we all live on an island and just don't know it,well,except that I really do live on an island but so do you.
The earth is made up of three parts-the crust,the mantle,the soft,hot layer and the core. The mantle contains hot,melted rock called magma. Magma rises from the mantle and pushes up through certain places of the earth's crust. From 3-25 miles deep down below us, the magma pushes upward to the surface through a volcano and is called Lava. This lava is about 2100 degrees, very,very hot.
The earth's crust is divided into plates and these plates or crusts float on magma like islands. That is how I can say that all of us live on top of an island of sorts. Now, we know that magma flows,builds and moves constantly below us.
Now the volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii sits on the middle of one of these plates and our volcanoes here in Hawaii sits over what is called a "hot spot". Then the plate moves west by southwest over this hot spot and has formed the Hawaiian Islands chain.
So, the question for me is whether volcanic activity here in Hawaii can be used as an indicator of future plate movements prior to large earthquakes along the outer edges of these plates.Like that of Chile last year and the many large earthquakes that has happen this year including Japan, Tonga and several near Fiji in the past week?
About 40 hours ago, a large crater wall collapsed on the Big Island and lava is flowing everywhere after filling up that large crater over the last 3-4 weeks. Scientists have been watching and monitoring this build up of this lava pool and had been reported on the news here every few days. This is such a large event here that they were forced to close VNP due to the lava flows across land.
So I wonder if this event will lead to another event somewhere else such as another large earthquake along the edges of this plate like in Japan,Fiji,Chile or even California and Seattle?
Another question is whether this event releases pressure of the plates against each other or does all the newly added land mass from this lava flows increase the pressure of the plates? Will this lead to another massive earthquake within days,weeks or months? Where will it occur? It's not really a matter of if but a matter of when and where?
Scientists in Japan have been saying that another earthquake will occur within the next four weeks that will rival the 9.0 mag. earthquake that occurred on March 11th and it is confirmed that the movement of the plates are moving faster than normal. What is normal? They say that the plates move in the same time frame that it takes us to grow our fingernails.
I will admit that if you take a diagram of the earth's plates and hold it up against the latest earthquake maps of the world, you will be shocked at what you will discover. That the large earthquakes over the past year, line up perfectly with the edges of these plates or where these plates meet one another.
We hear everyday how this place or that place is overdue for the "big one". I use to hear that when I lived in California or how many times we've heard that half of California will fall into the ocean? More times than the strands of hair on my head,right? Imagine Palm Springs becoming oceanfront real estate?
I suppose it could happen but I look at it this way, no matter what happens or where, Hawaii is sure to get a good size tsunami out of it. So if all of the shipping ports are located on the west coast of the US, how long would it take for these islands to be resupplied with goods again?
Ok, it's not a thought that I am comfortable with, but wouldn't it now make more sense to have three months worth of food and supplies than the recommended 5 days our government puts out in the form of PSA's,TV and radio ads?
I'm not an expert at this stuff but the power of the internet these days does give the average citizen enough tools or information to make more sound decisions than our own government will. Maybe our government isn't in touch with it's people or simply doesn't really care? You decide...
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