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Disaster's Elsewhere -Nebraska
07-16-2011, 01:46 PM (This post was last modified: 07-16-2011 01:47 PM by WonderinginWaikiki.)
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RE: Disaster's Elsewhere -Nebraska
Hi Rich,
What a great thread! I've been busy laely with my own things and playing catch up today. We've talked about this on the phone but it isn't getting the press that it deserves. There is so many of these disasters going on at the same time and our government is flat broke. I often wonder what the US would be like if a amateur wasn't elected to office and the keyword is ELECTED. I think many people are starting to realize as people that we are not capable of making sound decisions as a group or popular vote.
I will point out a scenario that many people don't think about. When we have a disaster whether natural or manmade, people always expect our government to show up and save the day,right? We expect that FEMA and the National Guard to help us in a time of need but what if they didn't?
Wouldn't it be something like the 1700's,1800's and early 1900's of our country's history before the airplane and the car? Put yourself back in those days, what would you do?
The point that I am making is that we,as people of this great country, need to start thinking and preparing for ourselves. Walk outside and look around you and what do you have? You have neighbors, you have friends. Do you know any of them or know anything about them. You just might need them for help but you can also start planning and preparing for yourself. They say that during a disaster, expect company. That means that many people around you didn't plan or prepare and will expect you to help them.
I am like you, I simply can't afford to feed a whole neighborhood and I can't provide First Aid to them either. I will do what I can from their First Aid kits but I can't take away from my family to help yours. It is a little self-centered but it is a truly reality. It's like during a tsunami and you have to choose which one of your two children you will save? No parent wants to be put into that decision process but we must start thinking for ourselves today.
What you see on TV is a lesson for us to learn from and could start happening in your front yard at anytime. As in Japan and the US, we need to move away from nuclear power and all of it dangers and byproducts. I was simply amazed at how many nuclear power plants Japan has for being an island. After the end results of WWII, Japan is the last place you would think that would have so many nuclear power plants.If solar and wind power is the future, I am all for it.
Coming this August 2nd, the world as we know it may become a different place. We say that because we have no idea of what will happen because we've never been down this road this far before. Oh, we've been on this road many times but no one has walked to the end and came back to tell us what it's like. Frankly, I don't want to know.If we are all put down this road like the "trail of tears', we must start doing what we can now.
I am not taking about arming ourselves with weapons either, I am talking about arming ourselves with knowledge and hope for the best attitude. It's no longer "if" but "when". I hope you like Spam,lol.
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07-18-2011, 08:57 PM
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RE: Disaster's Elsewhere -Nebraska
You have a lot of good thoughts. There are so many rumors floating about the reasons why the corps of engineers didn't start releasing water sooner. They include the spawning of fish below the dam or the migratory birds nesting below the dam. Well, you see the results.
Having two power plants down in the face of the terrible heat wave we are experiencing doesn't help the morale.
The water problem is slowly improving but the water level is still about 5 feet above flood stage.
Money to bail out this event? There is always ready funds for every other emergency or war we need, it seems. 14 counties along the river in Nebraska have been declared a disaster. Iowa hasn't made the declaration yet, I suppose because they can't even find the counties yet. Compare area to Oahu and Kauai together.
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07-26-2011, 12:48 AM
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RE: Disaster's Elsewhere -Nebraska
Aloha Rich,
I have to say this, but I hate to turn the TV on anymore. It's nothing but bad news for a whole hour and I turn the TV off and wonder, why did anyone vote for that guy and what did they really expect from an amateur? Just because someone works at a big building doesn't mean they have the skill set to be in charge of that building. This is the hard lesson our country is learning today.
Let's talk about the weather real quickly. Over the past week, we saw over 1000 records broken in one day alone. Yes, a heat wave and a heat dome is what it's all about. Farmers in middle America have been busy growing corn to make more fuel for us all and guess what? They are having a bumper crop this year of corn. Yes, lots of rain and deadly storms have been a big benefit to the corn growers. Like too much of any good thing, there are bad things that can come from it also. It seems that the rains make the corn wet and all that water evaporates into the air to create it's own weather. This evaporation creates an uplift of heat and moisture and then causes this heat dome that can last for weeks. This in turn creates a huge load on electricity, which creates it's own set of problems and so on. What causes this has left all of us in denial including our elected officials,there that word again. The burning of fossil fuels is something that we are all guilty of including me. So, I've taken the stance that I will only drive my cars only when needed. As luck would have it, I don't need to drive much where I live. I'm also not in compliance of Hawaii state law that states that every resident of this state must own a boat either. Can I be fined or ticketed for this, I don't think so but I would much rather be in compliance of this law and a nice house to park it at,lol.
Now, I'm just being silly but that is really the law here whether silly or not. The point that I'm really trying to make is that we don't look at life that way and that makes us vulnerable. We need to walk around our homes and businesses and evaluate what we do and how we do it. Saving money is always good and finding ways to save is even better.
Here is one tip that I've learned from living in Hawaii and because of the threat of tsunamis. Storing three months of food and only buying it when it's on sale. Time and again, I hear people talk about how expensive it is to live here and I just laugh at their ignorance. How would they know that if they never lived here and only buy their food at the ABC Stores or at the Food Pantry?
Actually, food is cheaper here than it was on the mainland and I'll tell you why. If you go food shopping outside of Waikiki, you'll find the food prices the same as back home with the exception of a few items such as milk, fuel and cigarettes. The major difference is that you only see sales on food items around major holidays and we have sales on food every single week.
Gas prices, a little more but where are you going to drive to? Someone was telling me just the other day that Hawaii residents were listed in third place for the worse drivers behind New York and New Jersey, but if you've driven around this island before and saw the lack of signage and design as compared to the mainland,that would be understandable,lol. On the other hand, insurance companies charge drivers for the amount of miles a person drives each year, so my auto insurance is dirt cheap.
As far as cigarettes, well, that is because our elected officials,there's that dumb word again, see cigarettes as a free for all when it comes to taxation. If anything, they should raise the taxes for condoms before cigarettes.
How much money do I pay for entertainment compared to my life on the mainland? Let's see, the beach is across the street, let me think about that one? I got nothing,lol. I don't rent movies, only because I don't have time to watch them, usually to tired from being at the beach,lol. Plus we have parades here every time we turn around. Plus there is so many local events within walking distance, maybe McDonald's money is all that you might need.
I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that if everyone had three months supply of food at any given moment, food prices would drop because stores are profit driven. Let's say that is you bought all of your food the first three months of each year to last all year, for 9 months, the stores profits would starve and you would see more sales on food. It's a concept that would work like our elected officials. Be honest, they only work during their campaigns and that's about it. After that, it's just a lot of praying. Praying that they didn't get caught cheating on their taxes or their wives or husbands. Like here,nothing gets done without a kickback.
I could go on for hours but I think that I've given you guys enough to think about for now. You all try to have a great Aloha week and be good to yourselves.
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07-26-2011, 07:13 PM
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RE: Disaster's Elsewhere -Nebraska
When my son visits, he comments "Dad, you sure have a lot of food". I don't think that he would believe me if I told him that we were expecting big wave here in Nebraska Smile
I just believe in having a full pantry. Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I see all of that food.
Here's a little for you to "wonder" about Smile
You might know that we are over the largest underground lake in the world. It is the ogallala aquafir. In areas up in the sandhills, water actually bubbles out of the ground, starting streams and rivers. When the air is really dry, does it suck water out of ground at a higher rate? In other words, does it make big bubbles out of normal "tiny bubbles" ? Confused
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08-05-2011, 04:38 AM
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RE: Disaster's Elsewhere -Nebraska
Actually Rich, I would fear that the drier than normal conditions would dry up that underground lake much quicker and I suspect that underground lake is actually protected by ancient pumice from volcanic events millions of years ago. Water can flow through pumice quite easily and most likely in the same form that you describe. That would be worth thinking about in deed.
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