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Behind the scenes....?? Copper??
01-06-2011, 11:49 PM
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Behind the scenes....?? Copper??
Those of you who don't know this,there is so much work behind building and maintaining a forum like this and so many things can go wrong and really play with your head sometimes. Behind the scenes,we communicate daily,whether it is coding issues,setting adjustments,bandwidth or content. Sometimes we get blindsided to no fault of our own and I hope this video explains what I am getting at here.
Day before yesterday, a man got fried stealing heavy duty copper wire from a large junction box located on the property of the old Hard Rock Cafe. He ran to the bus stop next to it and told a witness that he got struck by lightning or something to that effect from one witness account and they called 911. He later changed his story and said he was doing electrical repairs and as it turned out,he was using burglery tools when he got fried like KFC.
Now,this happens quite often over here where overnight,someone steals all the copper wire that powers the lights along the freeways here. They even have billboard signs about turning in copper thieves here,but once in a blue moon,one of these morons gets caught in this fashion or we simply don't catch them.
Now if you read the local comments to this article,well,I can't publish most of them to be honest. Most of them was like,Justice was served on the spot and some were like he couldn't even fry himself correctly because now us taxpayers have to pay for his hospital bills,trial and then prison time. You really can't disagree with most of this stuff and I hope this guy lives to do PSA's on why it is wrong to do something so stupid and maybe show those watching what his wounds looks like and will look like for the rest of his life. I feel sorry for this guy on one hand and not on the other. I wouldn't wish this on anyone,well,maybe a couple people I use to know,lol.
You see,it has a very negative impact to the local communities here. They will have no power for one or two weeks or until crews are able to get more copper wire from the mainland and it takes time to get it back in.
In the meantime,all of your food in the fridge and freezer goes bad and you have to eat out and sit in the dark at night.
The morning before last,I was having difficulties with this forum even though I still had power and I was telling others involved staff here that it must be from their side and since we were making some adjustments to some of the settings and coding that day,it made sense,right? Wrong, this human version of a fried chicken was the cause of all the problems you might have experienced if you were using this forum. So if you were trying to post here and couldn't,now you know why. It's all fixed now and we have power back for the most part. So go ahead and try posting again. You can even do a test post or preview your post before anyone else see's it.
I am posting a video,courtesy of Hawaii News Now and it should play just fine. Check it out below: