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11-13-2011, 04:01 PM (This post was last modified: 05-12-2017 01:34 PM by eleakai.)
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This week a big event is taking place on Oahu - the APEC summit, a meeting of 21 presidents and heads of state, including President Obama, the presidents of Russia, China, South Korea, Chile, Australia and others. Security was and still is very tight, especially around Waikiki. Many areas are off limits, including driving into Ala Moana Beach Park. Here are a few photos from yesterday and today taken at Magic Island and Ala Moana Park. Considering that it was a holiday weekend, it was relatively empty.

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11-13-2011, 05:46 PM
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11-15-2011, 01:43 PM
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Ahhh Yes, it is so strange to see Waikiki so deserted in those pictures. Talk about tight security! I had to be cleared by the Secret Service just to walk my dog because of my Chinese neighbors staying at the hotel next door.
The Secret Service wasn't as bad or intimidating as you might think. They didn't drill me with tons of questions and always bragging about how well trained my German Shepherd is and actually allowed him to move around freely without a leash unless their convoy was moving in and out,and even then, we didn't have to leave. They seemed to become envious of my German Shepherd. He would sit at attention until the convoy moved out with escorts from HPD. Several of the HPD officers were asking which breed of German Shepherd.
Let's talk about their vehicles. Most of the bullet-proof SUV's and Cadillac limos had Washington,DC plates and were guarded day and night in front of my place on the street. The limos were just beautiful inside and out,black and very sleek. I wonder what the gross vehicle weight (GVW) was for the limos?
I watch them escort their clients twice towards the beach in a staggered column formation, 10 to 4 ratio and not so intimidating when they did that either. It was also interesting watching their convoys move through the streets. Police patrol cars in the front and back of their vehicle formations, blocking intersections street by street. Now that isn't something you see everyday.
Then this morning, I watch President Obama fly out of Pearl/Hickham AFB on TV and then stepped outside on my lanai to see it fly just in front of my building. Even though I didn't vote for him, I still thought that it was so majestic to watch Air Force One fly about 500 feet above the beach real slowly and turn towards the south towards his next stop in Australia. I think that this is one thing you should see at least once in your life and it's funny,this wasn't my first time but I seem to get the same feeling each and every time.
I am so relieved that APEC is finally over and that I can walk freely again without ID checks,checkpoints and road closures. It gave you the feeling that you were trapped in your own home at times. In my case, I think the Secret Service agents totally understood my feelings and would come over to pet my Rocky and reassure us both that everything was going to be fine. I more respect for them now than I did before they arrived. Then to discover that my next door neighbor for the last several months with the beard was an agent too. That explains a lot and will be here until the end of January from what I gather cause President Obama is coming back here next month for Christmas vacation with his family.
I wouldn't want to do this again but at the same time, I'm glad that I did it. It was an opportunity of sorts, I've gotten to know several HPD officers and one is also my neighbor also and asked several questions about Rocky living high up in a beachfront condo and about family life with a German Shepherd and he wondered if he could swing that also. He's a tall,thin motorcycle officer and his concern was whether a German Shepherd could go for 8-9 hours alone at home and the bathroom breaks and etc. Rocky is very good about that stuff and never goes to the bathroom in the house. Such a very good dog and seems super smart too, I strongly recommend them as an indoor family dog,great with kids but you must work with them everyday. Love them,train them and most of all,spend a lot of time with them. They will become part of your personality and a dog is only as good as it's master...
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