Maui Swap Meet Treats and Treasures

There is one location on Maui that is a one stop shop kind of place. A place that ‘has it all’. A place where you don’t know what treasures you might find.

Maui Swap MeetThat place is: The Maui Swap Meet!

Even its location is beautiful, if you look up while shopping. You will be looking at I’ao Valley in the distance. The clouds usually hover just around the peaks of the West Maui Mountains and sometimes sink down into the valley, creating a beautiful landscape. The ocean is very close by; it is about a 3-minute walk. Tourists as well as locals can enjoy a visit to the Swap Meet. It is a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Swap MeetThe Swap Meet happens on the grounds of the University of Hawaii Maui Campus every Saturday morning from 7 am to 1 pm. It costs $0.50 cents to get in; children 12 and younger are free. It is an outdoor event, yet very rarely does it get cancelled because of rain. The early bird definitely gets the goodies here! If you arrive after 11 am you will find some vendors sold out and some packing up. Another reason to go early is because the later it gets, the hotter it usually gets as well. Don’t forget the sunscreen or a hat, you will want a little protection from the sun.

Maui Swap Meet The Swap Meet has been happening on Maui for over 30 years. It has been at its current location at the college campus for about the last 5 or so years. It was previously held in Kahului in a vacant lot next to the local post office. It probably grew too big for that area and traffic and parking created some issues. Now there is plenty of parking at the college, which is good, because this place gets busy.

Fresh FruitsWhen you enter you will see rows and rows of tents with clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, souvenirs, wooden carvings, art work, jams, jellies, spices, produce, fresh cut flowers, and plants. You will find booths where you can get a massage, some reflexology, or a tarot reading. It is also a meeting ground for many local food trucks and vendors. There are fresh juices, teas, gourmet donuts, gourmet popsicles, gourmet hot dogs, etc.

The food is always good and there is a variety of options to make even a large group of people with differing appetites happy. There is local Hawaiian food, Indian food, Filipino food, Mexican food, even vegan food, and the list goes on. Besides the prepared foods there is also fresh produce, and the selection is fantastic! Some of the best you will find on the island.

Maui artYou can find anything from multiple varieties of bananas and plantains, avocado, tomatoes and squash to local strawberries, coconuts, macadamia nuts, taro, turmeric and mushrooms. You can even find some of our more unusual fruits like rambutan, noni, sapote, dragonfruit, white guava and lilikoi when in season. So stop by and seek out some of the delightful treats and treasures that Maui has to offer at the local Swap Meet.