Most Commonly Seen Birds in Hawaii

Here is a collection of some of the most commonly seen birds in Hawaii. Especially the Zebra Doves seem to be everywhere. The Hawaiian Stilt and the Nene (Hawaiian Goose) are native to Hawaii. The Nene is the state bird of Hawaii. Areas where they can be spotted include Maui (Haleakala National Park), on the Big Island (Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Mauna Loa), on Kauai (Koke’e State Park and Kilauea Point) and on Molokai.

House Finch


Black Crowned Night Hero

Cattle Egret

Grey Francolin

Hawaiian Goose Nene

Hawaiian Stilt

Northern Cardinal

Red-Crested Cardinal

Rock Dove

Semipalmated Sandpiper

Zebra Dove