Coming to Hawaii for a honeymoon: romantic things to do

Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. The islands’ tropical climate, beautiful white-sand beaches and scenic views create the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Here are some ideas of what you can do during your honeymoon in Hawaii.

Hawaiian LuauVisit a luau. A luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast combined with a dinner show. Luaus are usually held in a romantic setting (usually near the beach) in the dim light of the setting sun. It is a feast of life, a way of celebrating any special occasion, such as your honeymoon. Luaus take place on the four main Hawaiian islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii. You’ll be able to taste traditional Hawaiian delicacies as well as standard American fare if you’re less adventurous, sip tropical cocktails and watch a Polynesian show with music and dances from various Polynesian island nations, including Hawaiian hula performances.

Hawaii Dinner CruiseGo to a dinner cruise and sail into the sunset with one of the many romantic cruises that are offered in Hawaii. Most of the dinner cruise providers will try to impress you with Polynesian entertainment aboard, local or international cuisine, drinks and friendly service. But what’s most impressing is the panoramic island views that will reveal in front of you as you cruise along the shore. If you happen to take a cruise during the whale season (November to March) you may even see breaching whales.

Island sceneryRent a car for a day and explore the island on your own. All Hawaiian islands are unique and offer numerous scenic drives. Visit popular attractions or stop at a remote beach where you can enjoy more privacy and the company of each other. If you prefer someone else to do the driving, do a guided island tour instead.

musicListen to live Hawaiian music. If you are staying in Waikiki or another resort area you will most likely find live Hawaiian performances right there. Many of the hotel bars and restaurants have nightly entertainment with live Hawaiian or contemporary music. You can also pick-up free brochures and island magazines at the airport that will give you an idea of what else you can do in Hawaii.